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Omegle Captcha every time – How to get rid of that (Solved)

Omegle is a very popular website with worldwide base and you can talk to strangers from almost all parts of the world.

Due to the popularity, a lot of people started using bots on the website and these are some software by people like you and me or the advertisers or some other people who just want to make fun of the other.

This is absolutely insane if you go on the website and talk to a bot instead of a real person and that’s the reason Omegle team set up some safety measures like Omegle captcha every time they feel you are a bot.

We totally get that it’s really annoying to see the captcha every time you log in to the system because it is made for bots and proving your humanity is definitely annoying.

Omegle Captcha Every Time – How to avoid!

Below are the few steps which we figured out for you to avoid captcha or not to be in that circle.

1. Cookies could be the culprit

Cookies can be the culprit and might force the captcha again and again due to some unnecessary data stored on your computer.

Cookies are the files which other websites sent to your computer for saving some basic information which they call as you open the website again and loads your page faster.
Clearing them can help you get rid of captcha possibly.

Steps to do

  1. Open browser settings
  2. Search & clear cookies for all time
  3. Restart your browser again.
  4. Restart your computer if necessary.

2. Restart Internet Router/ Modem Device

Sometimes even restarting your internet router or modem can solve the issues.
It should not be denied to just restarting the router can help solve your Omegle captcha every time popping up the issue.

Steps to do

  1. Unplug the router
  2. Restart after at least 10 seconds
  3. Restart your computer or browser after clearing cookies.

3. Use different browser available

Well everyone uses their favourite browsers while surfing on the Internet and I totally get it that changing your browser could not be your choice but this potentially can solve the captcha problem of Omegle.

You can try some alternative browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, brave browser or any other which you like.

4. Clean Malware/ Viruses

Sometimes unknowingly we visit harmful sites and despite many antivirus programs we have they get saved on our browser or computers.

It is advisable to clean the Malware and viruses using your favourite antivirus program could potentially help to solve your Omegle captcha every time issues.

Don’t forget to restart your computer before starting to use the Omegle website again.

5. Use Proxy software

There are many freely available proxy-based software which helps you change the IP address and gets logged in.
You can try Hola VPN for Proxy change and can easily use Omegle without issues.

Make sure that using a proxy in your country or state is legal and service of the software could be reliable to use.

6. Avoid quick disconnection of matches

Do remember if you are disconnecting from the matches faster than ever then be sure that it could also be a potential issue for the Omegle Captcha every time or even a permanent ban from the website.

I totally get it that not everyone is good to talk with and you surely want to disconnect if you don’t like however doing it lightning-fast can get you in trouble so avoid faster disconnection unless necessary.
Try taking a few seconds before disconnecting.

7. Sometimes waiting could help

Sometimes even waiting can help you get rid of Captcha on Omegle.
We all do use systems which we like and sometimes we go the extra mile and start using it too much.

Systems can mark it as spam and could start showing you captcha or blocks you all together.
Try waiting for over 24 hours or less maybe and try again. This could definitely help solve your issues.

8. Send feedback to Omegle for Captcha issue

I’m sure that the above steps will be helpful and can solve captcha issues however if you’re still not able to solve the problem then writing to Omegle staff is always a good idea.

On the oh Meigle website you will find ” send feedback to Omegle staff” button and you can simply click to submit your feedback.

Your registered email ID and the description of your problem will be asked ( not required) before sending feedback to the support team.
I will suggest you use your email ID which will help you faster.

9. Try other sites like Omegle

What is this could be the last advice from us as if nothing works which we mentioned above then you can definitely try out other sites or apps like Omegle and enjoy talking to strangers without any worries?

Omegle is one of the best sites to talk to strangers and I will suggest you use other apps or websites until the Captcha issue is fixed.

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10. Make a fresh account

Trust me we will suggest this option at the very last because sometimes their system could even track your IP address and block your fresh account as well.

So if nothing works for you and you are still not sure what to do then I will suggest to make a new fresh account on Omegle and use proxy-based VPN service to use Omegle.

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Also, share any other methods which worked for you and we will update our article with your mention.

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