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How to use Omegle video on iPhone? [Updated Method]

Omegle is one of the popular sites to strike a video conversation with a stranger online. You will find a huge population of both girls and boys on Omegle who share common interests and hobbies. It is the most preferred way to connect with a stranger without sharing your identity.

Android users are using Omegle like there is no tomorrow and why not, who does not like to share their quirkier side and impress people online.

But, the iPhone users are left with no choice to use Omegle because there is no Omegle video chat option available on iOS. But, not to worry, we got you covered. We have got an amazing solution for your question on “how to use Omegle video on the iPhone”.

There is a browser that enables all the iPhone users to get access to Omegle video chat.

Get to know how to use Omegle video on iPhone with Puffin Browser

To get started with Omegle video chat, you need to connect Omegle with the Puffin browser. To begin with, download the Puffin browser app on your desired iOS device. You can get the Puffin Browser from the App Store and download it for free of cost. Make sure to download the latest version of Puffin to enjoy the seamless connection of Omegle video chat.

By opening the Puffin browser along with Omegle, you can chat with girls or a person of similar interest online.

Top 5 Alternatives of Omegle for iPhone user.

1. Ome TV

The name Ome TV says it all; it is one of the best substitutes of Omegle to start a video chat on iOS with strangers. You can find Ome TV on iOS under the name MiniChat.

2. Holla

Holla is a brilliantly designed platform for iPhone users to video chat with a stranger. Holla is available on App Store and is so far considered as the best option similar to Omegle.

3. Chatous

Looking for a good Omegle alternative on iPhone? Checkout Chatous. You can download the Chatous app from the App store and start a conversation with strangers of similar interests via video and text chat.

4. Tango

Another Omegle alternative is Tango. You can chat with users via video and text through your iPhone. The best part about using Tango is, you can find girls from any country of your choice. There is an option to filter out the gender.

5. Camfrog

Last but not the least, Camfrog can be considered as the best replacement of Omegle. This app is loaded with features and is a good dating service. Camfrog also allows video chat with strangers.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Question 1 – Is Omegle video chat available for iPhone users?

Answer – No, you cannot directly download Omegle for iPhone. You need to take the help of a good browser like Puffin to start video chat.

Question 2 – How to activate the front camera on the iPhone to begin video chat on Omegle?

Answer – Omegle is not supported by iPhone. You must download the Puffin browser and activate Omegle to begin a video chat and also to turn on the front camera.

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