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Apps Like Omegle in 2021 – 9 Free Apps for iOS & Android Users

If you’re looking for Android or iOS apps like Omegle, then you should read till the end.
To start chatting with someone we always look for a mobile app rather than doing it over your laptop or computer.
We tried a lot but did not find any mobile apps for Omegle so far.
Don’t feel bad as we have some great other alternative apps like Omegle to use and chat with strangers and be yourself.

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Apps Like Omegle – 9 best free apps for Android & IOS

1. Pikii

Pikii comes handy to use because its interface is just so simple and great for people who are not much interested in technology.
You can easily be anonymous or can be yourself as well.
You can set up your profile photo and can start talking to strangers via chat or you can also watch Livestream of yourself and other people around the world.

2. Azar

In a video app like Azar, You can easily talk with strangers and they could be random as well.
This is a great app which lets you use stickers or funny face filters during the conversation so you can have fun and enjoy with strangers.
It has a real-time translate feature which helps you speak to people from different countries who does not speak English.
You can enjoy both android and iOS version of the app.

3. Holla

Holla Can be your best friend and trustworthy as well. They as a mainstream and video chatting option to talk with strangers.
You can count it as one of the best ios apps like Omegle Which has filters to match with the same people like you around the world and you can also be sure that you are talking with a real person, not a bot because Holla blocks the bots strictly and won’t allow registering on their app.

4. Wakie

Wakie It’s an app just like Omegle Which lets you talk to strangers with a phone call however it will be random and matched with someone using the Internet. You need to 1st pull it off and then decide accordingly.
Due to their Internet-based phone call feature via the app, it is great for not paying thousands of dollars to the phone companies use while talking to strangers.
Both android and iOS versions are available to download.

5. Chatous

This is a great app for not doing anything and talks with strangers.
Chatous allows you to add interest and based on the interest using hashtags.
This App helps you match with the interest you added onto your profile and this way you don’t have to search for the topics to talk with strangers from around the world.
This is also available on iOS and Android devices.

5. Venice Random Chat

This is Another superb app which does not let you talk to strangers or thousands of users through common chat rooms but it matches automatically with the app and you will be talking to a total stranger.
Unlike other websites or apps like Omegle, It does not let you skip the chat based on the age-sex or any other features without talking to them.
Venice is based on nondiscrimination policy so you will always be accepted by the community if you accept others.
It is only available for iOS devices.

6. Stranger

The Stranger is also an app like Omegle Which helps you chat with random people around the world and you can also text people however you cannot video chat with them.
The best feature of this app is to add people in the contact list of the app which helps you talk to the same person again in case you enjoyed talking to them.
You can download both iOS and Android versions of this app like Omegle.

7. Coco

In this app, you can talk to more than one stranger in a single chat room as there is no one to one interaction available.
Once you register with Coco, You need to choose from different chat room options and you can also switch to different chat room in case you don’t like the ones you are with.
You can enjoy both android and iOS versions of the app.

8. Monkey

Monkey is a very unique app for iPhone just like oh Meigle because does not match you to the strangers for a longer period unless you want it to be.
It connects the chat for a 15 second in the world and if you liked the conversation along with your stranger you both have to press the button to make it longer otherwise it will be stopped and the communication is over.
This app is only available for iOS devices.

9. Topface

Topface is a bit different app like Omegle than others.
If you’re not looking for a quick conversation and wanted to be a friendly conversation to find your match or date could be a girlfriend or a boyfriend that you can have a relation with this app is a great place to find one.
If you wanna go for a romantic relationship with someone you can surely consider this app.
It is available for both Android and iOS.

Let us know in the comment section which app you’re found the best fit for you and if you recommend out of these 10 which one will you recommend for others to join and make a group.
For any doubts or questions feel free to comment below.
Enjoy chatting!

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